There are extreme voices on the left who view the phrases “Make America Great Again”and “America First”, as somehow, being racist and un-American in nature.Nothing could be further
from the truth.
The very people who are protesting in New York and elsewhere around the country, are the same people who would protest that government is not doing enough to protect the American people
should something catastrophic happen.
America’s borders have been open for eons. The founding fathers of this country, made it so
“by design”.The world has changed, and we as Americans,must adapt to that change. There are
entities outside this country, who wish to infiltrate America, and destroy us from within.
Obviously, the first place to start is immigration, legal and otherwise. Our nation’s immigration policies have to adapt and change to the threats posed by those who would seek to
do us harm.
We are a nation of immigrants.
Many people from all over the world have forsaken their families, their cultures, their ways of life in order to get to our shores.
Why do they continue to endure hardships to get here ???
They know that the “opportunity” to make a better life for themselves and their families, is
greater in THIS country, than any other country on the face of this planet.
Our immigration policies should and DO embrace immigrants who believe in OUR form of democracy, and keep out those who don’t.

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